Join Us in Supporting Fundemabu Students!


Hello! With your big heart for investing in education, you can help girls like Yolanda from “Fundación Educativa Madre Butler” to wake up every morning closer to a prosperous future and the possibility of fulfilling dreams of improving the quality of life for their families and the whole community.

The "Invest in My Education" program includes:

Integral education

Daily food

Catholic formation

Emotional support

Care and love

 The Educational Foundation Mother Butler (FUNDEMABU) is a non-profit, private Catholic institution, located in Barranquilla, a city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America that provides education to girls and young woman of limited resources, helping them fulfill their dreams of  attending universities, gaining employment, and becoming integral leaders of our society.

This institution, founded in 1961 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, is made up of a group of outstanding teachers in their fields, students of different ages, parents, and the  support since its inception by Marymount School Barranquilla.

In a city where access to public education is inadequate, the hope of reaching goals are limited, and employment opportunities are very few, FUNDEMABU has provided education, for over sixty years, to more tan eight hundred girls.

With an educational system of high quality, facilitates the integral development of its students, forming competent leaders, drivers of change and with social responsibility, raising their values, contributing to the improvement of their environment, and providing the necessary tools so that, after graduation, they have the potential to positively impact their community