Global Citizen Option

Global Citizen Option

The Global Sleepover

With the Global Citizen Option you'll be:

1. Donating $15 to Fundemabu (The Educational Foundation Mother Butler) and

2. Receiving a Global Sleepover Country Activity Box in the mail as a thank you gift. This Activity Box, perfectåÊfor ages 4-8, teaches a child about world cultures in fun and imaginative way.

Thanks to your big heart, and for investing in education, 44åÊstudents åÊfrom ‰ÛÏFundaciÌ_n Educativa Madre Butler‰۝ can wake up every morning closer to a prosperous future and the possibility of fulfilling our dreams of improving the quality of life for families and the whole community.åÊ

Global Sleepover Country Activity Box:

Give a child the gift of the world through imagination, storytelling and arts. The best gift for any child ages 4-8. åÊChildren will love their journey to a new destination.

Choose from: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, Rwanda, India, Christmas Markets in Vienna, åÊAntarctica, Dead Sea, and Italy. For Spanish speakers or learners, we offer the Brazil Country Activity Box in Spanish. Kids choose fromåÊactivities, games, arts and crafts, story writing and puppet shows -all of which comes in each box. Keeps them busy for hours.

High-quality and professional packaging. Every item/game/activity in the box has been designed and tested by over 1,000 children, parents, and teachers.åÊ


    $ 40.00